About Us

Robert Cumings and Derrick Weisbrod are the founding members of Freiezo, a wind energy business centrally located and headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Freiezo formed as a result of Mr. Cumings’ interests to design an entire energy system for his home. While developing the comprehensive solution he identified that there wasn’t a wind turbine on the market that would feasibly meet his standards, so he set out to design a small wind turbine to meet his needs. The primary goal was to design a modular, quiet and higher-efficiency product that could be used in concert with the other elements of the self-contained system for his house. Within three months, a majority of the design work had been completed and the prototype development was well under way. This is how the Joule Series VAWT was born. Thusly, Freiezo was organized to provide consumers access to the Joule Series VAWT.

Freiezo encourages you to make environmentally friendly choices in your life where you can.

A little here and there from future generations will go a long way in preserving our planet for everyone. It is Freiezo’s intention to assist as many people as possible with becoming their own mini-power plant. We encourage you to look at our Joule Series VAWT as an investment into your future, capable of expanding a little or a lot.