Robert Cumings

Mr. Cumings is the founder and chairman of Freiezo. He has been a professional inventor for over 30 years and has received several patents. He graduated Hutchinson Technical Institute in 1977 with a degree in Nondestructive Testing and Quality Assurance. After graduation he worked as an inspector for a small service laboratory in Iowa. In 1980 he accepted a position at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis, Missouri in the Nondestructive Testing and Inspection Department. After four years as an inspector he was selected to oversee the tool design and control for the Quality Division.

While in that position he was presented with a “McDonnell Douglas Leadership” award and the “Teammate of Distinction” award several times. His duties included design and implementation of inspection tooling and fixtures to improve accuracy while reducing cycle time of critical parts and assemblies. He expanded his training to include “Solid Modeling” and “Computer Aided Design”. With the merger of McDonnell Douglas and The Boeing Company he was instrumental in the definition and implementation of new inspection procedures on the Space Shuttle Program. While at MDC/Boeing his job duties focused mainly in the composite production facility. He resigned his position after 20 years at MDC/Boeing in 2001 to dedicate full attention as President of a small design firm.

His expertise ranges from design and fabrication of tools, machines and equipment to solution definitions for large scale manufacturing processes. He has developed structured systems and methods for the identification of challenges and opportunities in industrial production. He has the critical experience and knowledge over a vast range of processes from machining and welding to surface finishing.

While designing his new house specifically towards green, environmentally friendly standards with a goal of 50% reduction of the carbon footprint he sought to utilize a combination of wind, solar, and geothermal techniques to achieve this goal. During the process of researching current alternative energy solutions, the Wind Turbine redesign really captured his attention. Soon this became the focus of a new business…Freiezo.