Derrick Weisbrod

Derrick Weisbrod is a founding member and Chief Operating Officer at Freiezo. Previously he was a Technology Professional with 10 years of experience, with over 8 years of focus in Senior Care at Bethesda Health Group, Inc. responsible for CIO-level decision making. He was recognized by his peers and executive management team by being elected to the President’s round table.

Derrick has earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Master’s in Computer Resources Information Management from Webster University. Additionally he has studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Sloan School of Management for Senior Executive’s with an emphasis on Management and Leadership.

Derrick has been interested in alternative energy and the general movement toward a greener earth as long as he can remember. Efforts include contributing in fundamental ways such as recycling aluminum cans, glass, metal, plastic, Styrofoam, motor oil, antifreeze, tires, cardboard, paper, computers, and other electronic equipment both at home and work. Additionally, Derrick annually plants 125 to 250 trees at his home to contribute to offsetting his carbon footprint. He has now planted over 1000 trees in the last 6 years. He is a member of the Missouri Forest Keepers Network. He also has a major passion for water clean up as well. You can routinely catch him picking up gravel bars and streams while he enjoys a day on the water as well as volunteering for several Missouri Stream Teams cleanups throughout the year. His most recent interests have turned to alternative energy generation with a focus on harvesting wind energy which in turn has targeted his focus toward the new wind energy business, Freiezo.