Gavin Perry

Chief Scientific Officer, Gavin Perry, attained his PhD from Washington University in 1980. Until joining the Freiezo Management Team, he served at Washington University developing, designing and fabricating novel hardware devices and programs for the School of Medicine and the Electronics department. His experience is extensive in the design of electronics and fabrication of hardware to support novel designs.

Such novel designs include: Diffuse Optical Tomography, LED Microscope light, EM Position Tracker, Mouse EKG, Opto Interfaces for MRI, and Roboticarm anti-aliasing filters to name a few. Gavin has been an active member of the green community in Saint Louis since it was popular the first time in the 1970’s.

He is always conscience about the impact his actions have on the environment. To make the earth a better place, he rides his electric bike as often as possible, recycles all that can be recycled, using the old fashion clothes line as the clothes dryer, and has developed quite the LED hobby!