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Freiezo Finishes as the Top Community Team in the Washington University Olin Cup
February 14, 2011

Freiezo entered the Washington University Olin Cup, a Business Plan Competition, in September 2010 to compete for the prized Olin Cup. The competition started with submissions of executive summaries from community and student teams. Freiezo was selected as a semi-finalist. To move past the semi-finals our Chief Operating Officer, Derrick Weisbrod, gave the elevator pitch to the judges November 18, 2010. The judges were impressed and qualified Freiezo as an Olin Cup finalist. In the finals, the Freiezo team was the top placing community team.

Infrasonic Vibrations and Traditional Wind Turbines

For years the issue of noise generated from wind turbines have been debated and studied by everybody from individuals to large universities. The simple fact remains that these low frequencies propagates into our homes, businesses and person. Symptoms include ringing in the ears, motion sickness and sleep disorders. Studies show that the inability to achieve restful sleep over a prolonged period can lead to significant health hazards such as high blood pressure, mental stability issues and diabetes. Often the person does not even realize that it is happening when experiencing a phenomenon described as “brief partial awakenings” in a paper written by Professor Alec N. Salt Ph. D., Washington University St. Louis.
Some have even speculated on the effect wind turbine infrasonic generation has to seismic monitoring. Whether this noise can effectively mask signals from earthquakes is still being debated. Experts in the field of seismic signal interpretation agree that additional man made low frequency vibrations create challenges for predictions of seismic events. Read More…

Freiezo at MIT for Venture Showcase   November 18-19, 2010

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology invited Freiezo to their annual venture showcase. We were one of the 30 exciting early stage companies who presented their technology to the numerous corporate executives, entrepreneurs and investors alike. The technology showcase was followed by an excellent day of venture capital focused seminars.

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