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Freiezo Presents to the Missouri Venture Forum  November 5, 2010
Freiezo was invited to present our elevator pitch to the Missouri Venture Forum. They are a non-profit focused on bringing together entrepreneurs and those interested in helping entrepreneurs. The forum provides a great atmosphere to connect with a large group of extremely talented individuals. Through building relationships by attending multiple events, entrepreneurs like Freiezo’s Management Team , are able to develop those critical relationships required to growth from a start-up to a revenue generating operation.

Freiezo Exhibits at the Start-Up Connection   November 4, 2010

The goal of Start-Up Connection is to be a primary networking forum to introduce technology innovators and new IT and bioscience company owners to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the greater St. Louis region. The November 4th Start-up Connection event was hosted at the Iten Facilities. Iten is the Information Technology Entrepreneur Network who works with entrepreneurs in a number of ways from providing mentor services, mock angel programs, educational seminars and hosting networking events. Freiezo was able to meeting numerous people interested in our technology for a variety of reasons. Especially exciting was our ability to connect with talented individuals who are able to assist us in our technology development.

Freiezo Represents Small Wind Solutions at MEI  November 2, 2010

Freiezo attended the kickoff roundtable meeting of the Missouri Energy Initiative thought leaders. The group’s goal is to develop a long term viable energy strategy for the state of Missouri. Subjects discussed ranged from the financial aspects of our energy future as well as energy policy, coal and renewable energy generation. With energy thought leaders from a wide array of backgrounds, the meeting provided a platform to truly discuss our challenges and begin shaping the energy future of Missouri.
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