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Freiezo Announces Use of Recycled Plastic  March 8, 2010
Freiezo announces the use of recycled plastic for use in their manufacturing process of their Joule Series Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs). According to analysis work conducted in concert with Missouri Enterprises, it was determined that over 100 lbs of recycled plastic will be used to build their commercial Wind Joule 48 VAWTs. “After the parts are built, all scrap plastic is then sent back to our plastic suppliers for processing into new sheet plastic for future Joule Series VAWTs”, says Derrick Weisbrod, Freiezo COO. “Additionally, we are planning our manufacturing process to be focused on sustainability , so where we can use a recycled stock material we are working that into our process.” By focusing on sustainability, we hope to encourage other business owners to do the same. Through this leadership, Freiezo seeks to facilitate new recycling industries to grow to support this demand and ultimately encourage increased recycling throughout the communities we serve.

When exactly does the Return On Investment (ROI) mature while buying energy from the
utility companies?
  September 28, 2009

It doesn’t, it is a pure expense of operating your business and household. According to, “Worldwide, people use about a third of all energy in buildings – for heating, cooling, cooking, lighting and running appliances.” When there is so much wind energy all around you, why not leverage it as an investment that will pay for itself over time? Then you can start being compensated for your wind energy harvest.

Then there is the meter fee that most everyone pays.

The meter fee is equivalent to joining a country club in that it provides the opportunity to pay for the service being provided. So, to join a country club you pay a membership fee, which is the same as your meter fee. Then, when you want to play a round of golf, the country club asks you to pay a fee for that day which is the same as paying for your electric service. Freiezo™’s service assists in removal of unnecessary meter fees currently paid on a routine basis as the customer moves toward energy independence while realizing an actual return on investment.
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