Standalone Configurations


The Joule Series™ VAWT’s modular nature allows for many configurations, but all start with a single VAWT.

Whether you use a little or a lot of energy, a standalone Joule Series™ VAWT toward energy independence. Garden Joule 24, Wind Joule 48, and the Farm Joule 1020 are all available for standalone installations. A standalone Joule Series™VAWT is a great first step to generate energy for your home, a country cabin, your business or any other energy-using facility.

Do I have the right location for a standalone Joule VAWT?

If you live in or operate a business in an area that either has high energy costs (above 9.5cents per kW hour) or where the wind blows all the time, you probably have the right location for a one of our Joule Series™ VAWTs!

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