Wind Farm

The Joule Series™ VAWT’s modular nature allows for many configurations, such as Wind Farms. The Joule Series™ Wind Farm is designed to be installed in large wind farm settings in both urban and rural environments. The scope of installation is dependent on various factors, but generally can scale to the size of available space the customer has for installation. Typically, only the Wind Joule 48 and Farm Joule 1020 will be used in this configuration.

The concept behind the development is that an army of ants (JOULE Series™ VAWTs) can eat an elephant (1.5 MW turbines) acre for acre. JOULE Series™ VAWTs ganged together can be maintained individually, without taking the entire farm out of production. The uptime realized from this configuration is huge, especially when dozens of acres are involved. Additionally, our compact harvest density provides more harvest per acre than you can experience in a similar sized solar farm. Installations can be on large commercial and mega manufacturing facilities as well as serving large rural environments.

The WIND FARM is engineered to connect multiple JOULE™ Series VAWTs Wind Orchards to form a higher capacity generation system, commonly known as a Wind Farm.

How can you get your Wind FARM started?