Wind Orchard

The Joule Series™ VAWT’s modular nature allows for many configurations, such as Wind Orchards.

The Wind Orchard™ Configuration is designed to take advantage of the Joule Series™ VAWT’s modular and scalable nature; to join multiple Joules to increase total energy harvest to meet the diverse needs of our customers. These configurations can be installed on large buildings in urban settings in addition to a multitude of other configurations in urban, suburban and rural settings. Attractive locations for our Wind Orchards are for use on Grain Elevators, Silos, Billboards, Commercial Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Water Towers and Homes.

The Wind Orchard is specifically engineered to connect multiple JOULE Series™ VAWTs to maximize your structure’s energy harvest potential while providing very similar advantages to the standalone Joule Series™ VAWT.

How can you get your Wind Orchard started?