There are numerous applications for our Garden Joule 24 VAWT and Wind Joule 48 VAWT in rural settings. These products are manufactured in the USA with recycled plastics and aluminum. They can be used to power homes and farms.

Farms and ranches tend to have numerous needs for power in very remote locations, which are cost prohibitive for the power companies to deliver traditional electric. Our Garden Joule 24 serves these locations quite well as an off-grid application. Whether you need to run electric fencing or just keep the water thawed in the winter, we have the solution for your farm or ranch.

We are also able to mount multiple Garden Joule 24 VAWTs or Wind Joule 48 VAWTs together to form Wind Orchards when a larger energy demand is required.

In addition to a wide array of tax credits and other incentives, our solutions also qualify for the Rural Energy Assistance Program (REAP) grants and loan programs. These programs are only available to customers living in areas having a population density of 50,000 or fewer.