Mini Joule™ 12 VAWT

The Mini Joule™ 12 VAWT is a vertical axis wind turbine where the drive cage (the part that moves when the wind blows) is 1 foot wide by 2 foot tall, hence its name. It is ideal for customers looking to lower their energy bills and preferring a roof-mounted solution. The Garden Joule’s sleek design and extremely low 4 MPH required cut in wind speed allow for installation in numerous locations. Such locations include:

  • Neighborhood Developments
  • Rural Homes
  • Farms
  • Second Homes
  • Remote Monitoring Stations
  • Parks and Recreation Areas
  • Cabins & Weekend Places
  • Emergency Humanitarian Assistance
  • Many More!
For those overly concerned about appearance, whether for safety reasons or due to neighborhood rules, we have a Mini Joule to fit these needs as well. This is our Designer Mini Joule™ 12 VAWT. It's clear-chrome design allows it to mimic the sky and the surrounding skyline so as not to be a distraction. And, as time or budget permits, our Mini Joules are able to be teamed together to form your very own Wind Orchard.
Do I have the right location for a Mini Joule?

If you live in an area that either has high energy costs (above 9.5cents per kW hour) or where the wind seems to blow all the time, you probably have the right location for a Mini Joule.

To find out more about our Mini Joule™24 VAWT: