Wind Joule® 48 VAWT

The Wind Joule® 48 VAWT is a vertical axis wind turbine where the drive cage (the part that moves when the wind blows) is 4 foot wide by 8 foot tall, hence its name. It is ideal for customers looking to reduce their facility operations through lower energy bills. The Wind Joule’s sleek design and extremely low 4 MPH required cut in wind speed allows for installation for a wide range of customers. Such customers include:

For those overly concerned about appearance, whether for safety reasons or due to neighborhood rules, we have a Wind Joule to fit these needs as well. This is our Designer Wind Joule™ 48 VAWT. This design allows it to mimic the sky and the surrounding skyline so as not to be a distraction. Should you require slightly more generation capacity than our Wind Joule, but not enough to move into a Farm Joule™ 1020 VAWT, we allow for coupling of 2 or more Wind Joule 48 VAWTs to form your very own Wind Orchard. Also available with the Wind Joule 48 VAWT are Wind Farm Configurations. These configurations work well with height ordinances in urban areas that may prevent installation of larger technologies for our commercial customers.

Do I have the right location for a Wind Joule?

If you live in or operate a business in an area that either has high energy costs (above 9.5cents per kW hour) or where the wind blows all the time, you probably have the right location for a one of our Wind Joule Configurations!

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